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About People Who Have Fun: “GOD FIRST”       

People Who Have Fun “God First” (PWHF:”GF”) is a promotions/managing firm assisting artists of all kinds with their promotional and marketing efforts.  In 1994, Richard C. Knowles, President  & CEO, established the company under the name “People Who Have Fun”.  However, in 1997, after accepting and receiving JESUS CHRIST as his personal LORD & SAVIOR, the meaning of the company took a new persona thus adding “GOD FIRST” into the name.  [top of page]


The Promoting Touch

As a promotions firm, the vision of PWHF: “GF” is to unify the body of CHRIST through the many gifts and talents each one of us have. We desire to represent and assist new and upcoming artists in their marketing and promotional endeavors. PWHF: “GF” also provides hosting commentating, planning, organizing and facilitating programs for community based organizations as well as corporate and individual patrons. Not only do we promote and market our clients, we have the pleasure of assisting some in their strive to build up the kingdom of GOD by helping them fundraise and more. We lend a hand in bringing new souls into the house of GOD. [top of page]


Public Awareness

PWHF: “GF” also serves as a publicist to many of its clients. We provide a multitude of services ranging from media services, strategic planning, product launching to creative advertising development and placement for our clients. We are also blessed to be able to assist our clients in community relations, special event planning, press handling and so much more. Whatever a client needs, we can handle it! [top of page]


The Ministry Side

PWHF: “GF” serves not only as a business, but as a ministry as well. Richard C. Knowles, the founder and the Promoter of Unity, desires to minister the gospel of JESUS CHRIST by any means necessary. And because we live in an entertainment driven society, RCK wants to take this industry and place the word of GOD in all areas. GOD can be glorifies through the performance acts as well as through written and spoken word. PWHF:"GF” wants to provide a plethora of different events for people of all ages and stages of life to be able to get a concept of what and who CHRIST is. We want people to see CHRIST through the artists and their work. [top of page]


The Hook-Up

Want to know what’s happening in the Body of CHRIST in your area? Well PWHF:”GF” can get you network power! We gather and maintain information on what’s going on in the tri-state area and distribute the information to our clients. If you are having an event and want others to know about it, let us know. Please feel free to write, call or e-mail our office with your request and/or event fliers.  [top of page]


Services Provided


Prayer-over you and your gifts


God's Promotion ...through personal contact


The Christian B to B, Walking Yellow Pages & Shepherd Guide Information, with vast ministry affiliation


Networking within and helping one another- No competition


Bringing Together Ministries with over 2000 individual contacts


Building Up Ministries- no Ministry is too large or too small


Lifting Up and Promoting Your Gifts


Attending and Planning all types of God led events


Complete Service

Remembering... you're not just a client, but we have been appointed to serve y [top of page]

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God First...                     God First...

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